Shamanic Healing works with the intelligent, healing energy that gives life to all things, transforming blockages into learned wisdom and enabling you to express your full potential physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and in daily life…

Shamanic Healing works like a laser to pinpoint the areas where we block our creative and health giving flow, and to offer ways to release these obstructions, and replace them with health and vitality, allowing you to live the life you know is yours to live!

People often come for a Shamanic healing session because they feel a “calling” to make a change or a “stirring” that something is out of balance in their lives- that aspects of themselves aren’t being expressed and enjoyed.

The Healing experience:

When you come for a Shamanic Healing Session we will discuss why you’ve come and how we can work together.  The following healing session will enable you to soften into deep relaxation and receive what the deepest part of your being is calling for.

I work with drumming, singing, sounding, smudging to cleanse, and hands-on channelling of healing energy to support your mind, body, emotions and spirit to come to a place of a balanced and flowing healthy expression.

All people who come for healing report a deep sense of peace and calm during and after the session. People who have had issues sleeping or stilling their minds find they can relax for the first time in years. Some people experience colours, lights, images, release, a lightening or a sense of deep “knowing”, the experience is as unique as us humans are…

The Healing offers: 

  • Channelled insight and guidance on problems and life purpose
  • Trauma release and healing limiting thought patterns
  • Removing unhealthy relationship ties
  • Support with conscious living and dying
  • Ceremonies for Grief, Forgiveness, Rites of passage and transitions in life
  • Jouneying to find power animals and spirit guides
  • Energy centre rebalancing
  • Healing of physical ailments
  • Soul retrieval
  • Shamanic Counselling
  • Past life and ancestral healing

Charges and training:

I charge £45 per hour. The first session is for 1.5-2 hours. Follow up sessions are 1-1.5 hours.

I recommend a minimum of 3 sessions.  This allows new, life affirming ways of being to be integrated.

I also offer distance healing, over the phone or by Skype which costs £50 for an hour.

I have worked with and trained in healing for over 20 years, studying with NFSH healers; training with The Healing Foundation; Reiki; Mexihca Pactli, Path of Pollen and eight years with Northern Drum Shamanic Healing training.